Varicose Vein Patient Testimonials

Pam is a 39 year old personal trainer.  For the past 3 years, her legs have throbbed at night and ached throughout the day from her worsening varicose veins.  Worse still, she wears shorts nearly everyday to work and was really embarrassed by the way her veins bulged.  “I tried compression hose,” Pam said, “Not good.” After doing some research, Pam found the Venefit procedure.  “This was the best one,” Pam decided.  In January she went to Maine Vein Center Associates for treatment.  Pam was pleasantly surprised with the ease of the procedure. “My experience was just wonderful! I felt no pain and the procedure was so quick!” Pam was back to work the next morning.  “I did notice improvement in my symptoms within one week. I would and have recommended Maine Vein Center Associates to everyone, now I am not so limited because of the pain in my legs.”

Albert is a 49 year old former marine.  For years, he experienced sharp pains on the insides of his knees and heaviness and swelling in his legs. “My legs were really uncomfortable and there was a lot of pain after prolonged periods on my feet,” Albert recalled. Tired of the discomfort of his unsightly veins, Albert was referred to Maine Vein Center Associates for a consultation.  “During the consultation, the doctor and staff were very communicative about my options and the procedures,” Albert said.  “Dr. Donegan and his staff showed genuine interest in my condition and earnestly wanted to help.” During the consultation, Dr. Donegan recommended the Venefit procedure. After changing his insurance provider, Albert was excited to learn that he would receive assistance with the cost.  One week later, Albert returned for his procedure.  Dr. Donegan used an ultrasound to place the catheter into Albert’s diseased veins. “For the most part, there was no pain,” Albert remarked.  After the quick procedure, he returned home, and the next day, Albert was able to go back to work.  “A week after the procedure, I was in shorts, cutting the grass, the pain and swelling was gone.  I also seem to have more endurance when going for walks.”

Judy is a quality review consultant for Aetna. She came to our office complaining of leg aching. She has been feeling pain in her legs for many years.  Since varicose veins tend to get worse over time, Judy met with Dr. Donegan for a consultation.  It wasn’t long before Judy scheduled her Venefit procedure.  This procedure uses intense heat to treat the vein and make the vein disappear over time.  “The procedure was efficient and painless,” Judy recalled.  “I consider Maine Vein Center Associates the best group around! Everyone there was professional and I was very pleased with the procedure, Dr. Donegan was wonderful.”  The procedure was very successful. Judy was back to work and her regular activities the next day with reduced pain and an improved appearance.

Rosemary came to Maine Vein Center Associates to see Dr. Donegan because of her varicose veins and the “aching, heaviness, discoloration and indentation around my ankle for the past 15 years.” She hadn’t heard of any other treatment options except for support hose, which had never worked for her before.  “I knew what my leg problem was all about years ago, but there really was no effective treatment back then.” Rosemary said.  “A little over a year ago, I heard about the Venefit procedure offered by Maine Vein Center Associates and decided to give it a try.  I’m so glad I did, it was a piece of cake for me!  The procedure was completed in about 20 minutes with no discomfort at all.”  Two days after the procedure, Rosemary returned to her normal activities.  “My leg felt like a normal leg, almost immediately.  I was amazed as to how wonderful I felt.  Everyone was extremely professional and friendly. My experience with Maine Vein Center Associates has been a very positive one and I thank you for that.”